Property, Land & Development 

Google maps is a revolutionary tool, but what if you can have your own map, photo or video, up-to-date and in high resolution. Imagine being able to fly around your building, site or construction project, taking incredible 4k photographs, video footage and mapping data as you go. Well - you can! 
At Airmotion Ltd, we don’t just have the technology to do this, we also have the knowledge. Dan, one of our qualified pilots is a Chartered Town Planner, with 14 years experience working on property, land and development projects. 
Inspections – whether it’s a business park, power line, lake, water plant or dangerous structure we can undertake a quick, safe survey (avoiding the need for scaffolding) to allow you to take action were necessary; 
Progress photos – capture the entire site in a single image at various stages of a build. This can be utilised by developers and site managers to determine the speed of progress on a build; 
Site context and information – highlight site opportunities and constraints to inspire and inform clients and other stakeholders; 
3D Modelling – produce 3D models of buildings, features and land. Interact with the model to zoom and rotate to areas of interest (coming soon); 
Mapping and Surveys – Prepare exceptional quality maps and topographical survey data to inform and influence development proposals. 
We Work With 
Commercial and Residential Developers; 
Local Authorities; 
Estate and Land Agents; 
Site Managers; 
Property and Facility Management Companies; 
Energy Companies.